Ovechkin plans on finishing his career with a team other than the Capitals

Ovi in another jersey will just be WEIRD.

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Imagine Alex Ovechkin suiting up for anyone but the Washington Capitals or team Russia... weird, right? Honestly, just the thought of it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Well get ready to feel uncomfortable because Ovi is reportedly making plans to finish his career with his hometown Dynamo Moscow of the KHL. Ovechkin made the announcement on a recent Russian-language interview on Russian Television International (RTVI) saying, “There are certain goals that I want to achieve after my career. But my career is not over yet. I’m still in my prime. I think I will definitely play for a few more years. God grant that my health is good. I would finish in Russia at Dynamo Moscow.”

The interviewer seemed to be surprised at Ovechkin's announcement asking him if he was joking.

“No," replied Ovechkin. "I really want to come back and end my career at Dynamo Moscow. After a certain number of years that I will spend, God willing, in Washington.”

One thing's clear though... Ovechkin isn't using Dynamo as a negotiating ploy. He's serious about heading back to Russia to finish his career, but he won't let that plan get in the way of unfinished business with the Capitals.

“It’s not a question of money," said Ovechkin while discussing his plans. "It’s a matter of principle: I played for only two teams – Dynamo and Washington. It is clear, in two, three, four years, maybe five, I will end my career in Washington. I want to end on a beautiful note – to play the last match for Moscow Dynamo,” said Ovechkin.

Ovechkin of course played four seasons with Dynamo before being drafted 1st overall in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. He also suited up for the team during the 2012 NHL lockout, putting up 19 goals and 40 points in just 31 games. Dynamo ended up winning the Gagarin Cup that season despite the fact that Ovechkin and Capitals teammate Nicklas Backstrom were beckoned back by the NHL mid-season. Maybe Ovechkin has that sense of unfinished business with Dynamo, as well? Here's hoping Ovi gives us at least a few more seasons in the NHL before heading back to Mother Russia though.

To check out the full interview (in Russian) click below: