Ovechkin reacts to Hainsey's injury in DEFINITIVE way.

He was asked if the shot was intended or not!

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The Penguins were facing the Capitals on Saturday and it was a very intense battle. During one unfortunate sequence, Ron Hainsey received the puck coming out of Alexander Ovechkin's stick and was visibly hurt. He left the ice assisted and many feared an injury. Hainsey was skating this morning though, so all is fine. 

However, a lot of voices were heard during the week-end stating that Ovechkin targeted Hainsey on purpose to hurt him. The replay has been analyzed thousands of times, but it wasn't clear how the puck could reach so high and hit Hainsey on that angle. 

Ovechkin was obviously asked about the incident and he was very clear about what happened. 

Here you go, a simple and unfortunate accident! Ovechkin is a very intense and physical guy, but he wouldn't never go that far.