Ovechkin’s 1 year old son goes viral with his crazy puck handling skills

Future 1st overall pick in the 2037 NHL Draft!


All the talk surrounding Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin in the past couple years has been whether or not he'll manage to catch Wayne Gretzky's all-time NHL scoring record. But, just wait a few decades and we may be talking about Sergei Ovechkin passing Daddy's all-time scoring record.

Seriously... one year old Sergei has some serious skills and with Daddy's help he could be something special.

Check out the tyke's puck handling skills in this viral video that his Mom Nastya Ovechkin posted to Instagram:

Look... I've been playing hockey my whole life and I wasn't able to pull off this trick until I was 10 years old or so. The fact that this kid can do it while he's still in diapers should tell you everything you need to know about genetics. My Dad was a decent enough hockey player, but he sure as Hell wasn't Alex Ovechkin. This kid hit a homerun in the genetics department.