Ovechkin seems to indicate one player is responsible for the Capitals playoff exit.

Ovechkin laying the blame on one man shoulders.

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Washington Capitals star forward Alex Ovechkin made some comments yesterday suggesting that he believes one play was largely responsible for the way the series played out, and it's a massive compliment for a young star.

Ovechkin was asked if he felt the Penguins speed made them a particularly difficult challenge for the Capitals to deal with during the series, and according to Zac Boyer of The Washington Times Ovechkin dismissed that notion, instead putting the focus on breakout star Matt Murray.

"Speed? No, I think it was their goalie," said the Capitals captain.

While the comment is somewhat dismissive of what the Penguins did offensively in the series, it comes off more as a nod to how well Murray played and it's high praise from one of the National Hockey League's most prolific scorers,

The Penguins have a major goaltending controversy on their hands with Murray's performance leaving Marc-Andre Fleury riding the bench, and they couldn't be happier.