Ovechkin takes another shot at Svechnikov weeks after KOing him!

Another hard blow by the Caps captain…

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Andrei Svechnikov finally returned to action for Game 3 of the series against the New York Islanders on Wednesday after the young Carolina Hurricanes forward suffered a concussion in a fight with star player Alex Ovechkin. 

As you remember, Ovechkin knocked out Svechnikov with a right hook during a fight in the first period of Game 3 in the first round series between the Canes and the Washington Capitals. 

The Hurricanes rookie did not manage to return to that series, which was won in a Game 7 double overtime by Carolina, and was adamant that Ovechkin is the one that asked him to fight that night. 

"He did ask me first for fight. I'm not a superhero ask first for fight," Svechnikov said after the incident. "I said yes. I just want to stand up for myself."

However, the Caps captain maintains it was the rookie who challenged him. 

Maybe that’s why on Friday, Ovechkin was still bitter about Svechnikov’s comments and the elimination when he took yet another blow at the young player when talking to Russian insider Igor Eronko ahead of the World Championship. 

“‘Why should I regret I fought Svechnikov? But I think if I’m 19 I wouldn’t fight [such an opponent if I were him]’”

Alright Ovechkin, we get it. You’re bigger than the kid who idolized you when he was young. 

However, it was Ovechkin's first fight since 2010 and fourth of his career, according to Maybe Svechnikov could have had a shot…

There is no need to take another shot at the young player. He is busy trying to sweep the Islanders and move on to the Eastern Conference Finals - where you were last year, Ovi.