Ovechkin welcomes Kuznetsov back to Washington with a cheap shot.

Ovechkin welcomes Kuznetsov back to Washington with a cheap shot.

Alex Ovechkin didn't exactly greet his former teammate with a warm welcome back to Washington.

Jonathan Larivee

Not exactly a warm welcome back from your former captain.

Former Washington Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov received a warm reception from his former team this week when he returned as a member of the Carolina Hurricanes, and this in spite of a relatively ugly exit from the team earlier in the season. The Capitals not only gave Kuznetsov a nice tribute video but he also received a very nice ovation from the fans in attendance as well.

The welcome back he received from Alex Ovechkin was a bit of a different story however.

In one of the more amusing moment's of this National Hockey League season, Ovechkin was caught taking some liberties with his friend and former teammate when he sent him sprawling down to the ice. Ovechkin was pretty sly about it as well, slowly gliding over to Kuznetsov before nudging his skate just enough to send one of the newest members of the Carolina Hurricanes crashing to the ice.

Ovechkin may have fooled the officials on the ice, but there was no fooling Kuznetsov about what had just happened. The Hurricanes forward could be seen grinning wide from ear to ear as he realized that his buddy has just gotten one over one him.