P.K. Subban calls out defenseman over racist gesture.

Subban furious.

Jonathan Larivee

We have what appears to be another incident of racism in the sport of hockey and this time it has drawn the attention of some high profile figures in the National Hockey League.

On Saturday New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban called out Jacksonville Icemen defenseman Jacob Panetta after Panetta allegedly directed a racist gesture at Subban's younger brother, Jordan Subban. The gesture was caught on video and appears to show Panetta mimicking the posture of a monkey or a gorilla and directing the gesture at Jordan, although I must admit that it is somewhat difficult to make out given the relatively poor quality of the video.

The best look we get at it is around the 17 second mark in the video you will see below and although you could attempt to argue that he was merely trying to flex on Jordan, the way Jordan reacts to the gesture suggests to me that the intent behind it was far more malicious.

Understandably P.K. was none too pleased to see his brother treated in such a disrespectful manner and as a result he quickly took to social media where he absolutely scorched Panetta, both as a hockey player and as a man. P.K. not only roasted him for the gesture, but went out of his way to remind Panetta that now everyone in his local community back in Canada will also be aware of the true nature of his character.

From P.K.:

They don’t call the east coast league the jungle because my brother and the other black players are the monkeys! Hey Jacob Panetta you shouldn’t be so quick delete your Twitter or your Instagram account you will probably be able to play again… that’s what history says but things are changing. now not just the hockey world knows your true colours… your hometown of Belleville knows, your family, and friends know you’re a fraud ..with everything that has gone on in the past couple years in the world I’ll say with all due respect to everyone who has an opinion, this isn’t a mistake. We all know what’s ok and what’s not. Even your own teammates wanted to see you get your clock cleaned. This happens a lot and it never gets exposed in the lower leagues. One thing that I love about this is Jordan’s teammates standing in there and showing support.

Subban also went out of his way to thank several people, and leagues, for their efforts in cracking down on this type of behavior, but it was clear that the target of his ire was Panetta.

Here's a look at the video:

Jordan Subban also had something to say about the incident, calling out both Panetta himself for refusing to fight him after making such an obscene gesture, and calling out the Jacksonville Icemen for trying to downplay the severity of the incident.

From Jordan:

More like Jacob Panetta was too much of a coward to fight me and as soon as I began to turn my back he started making monkey gestures at me so I punched him in the face multiple times and he turtled like the coward he is. There fixed it 👍🏾

This has already attracted the attention of other figures in the world of hockey, including former NHLer JT Brown who also had something to say about it.

Panetta very likely never expected things to blow up the way they did, and unfortunately for him there will likely now be some serious repercussions both professionally and personally as more and more people become aware of what he has done.