P.K. Subban calls out “gongshow” in Toronto with Sheldon Keefe

The Leafs bench boss is the latest target of the former NHL defenseman!

Michael W.

The Toronto Maple Leafs were able to tie their Round 1 Stanley Cup Playoff series against the Boston Bruins in comeback fashion, earning a hard fought 3-2 victory and coming back to home ice knotted at one game apiece.

However, one notable absence for the Leafs is forward William Nylander, who has yet to make an appearance for the Leafs and isn't guaranteed to be able to suit up tonight at Scotiabank Arena. Additionally, there haven't been many details leaked as to the exact nature of Nylander's ailment.

For outspoken former NHL defenseman P.K. Subban, the lack of information coming from Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe is a problem. While appearing as a guest on The Pat McAfee Show, Subban likened Keefe's interactions with the media as a "gongshow". 

“If Nylander’s not in for Game 3, I want to hear what Sheldon Keefe’s gonna say about it,” said Subban. “If he’s gonna miss three games and he played Game 82, what’s the explanation? It’s nuts.”

“It’s a bit of a gong show in Toronto, with the media and the coach. I don’t think [Keefe] handles the media correctly… I don’t think he handles it well,” he continued. “I grew up in Toronto… I’ve got respect for the organization… So, when it comes to managing the media, there’s gotta be more respect for the fan base.”

“You’re talking to people that are educated about the game. We’re not idiots,” he added. “You gotta be able to handle that.....Let’s just say something was ailing him, why are you playing in that last game? And then, what the hell happened between Game 82 and Game 1?”

Meanwhile, Subban also maintained his belief that the Leafs ought to be able to win the series even without the services of Nylander. 

“The Toronto Maple Leafs, there’s no excuses. I ain’t giving ’em any excuses. You still got Tavares, Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner,” he said. “You say you’re Stanley Cup contenders. You should be able to beat the Boston Bruins in the first round without Nylander.”

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