P.K. Subban destroys Pittsburgh Penguins GM Kyle Dubas.

P.K. Subban destroys Pittsburgh Penguins GM Kyle Dubas.

The former NHL star shared his unfiltered thoughts on the Penguins general manager.

Jonathan Larivee

I guess we can safely say that P.K. Subban is not a big believer in Kyle Dubas.

The Pittsburgh Penguins president of hockey operations and general manager has been under a ton of scrutiny as of late with the Penguins trending like a team that will miss the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs. The Penguins' lack of success has not only called Dubas' moves prior to the season into question but has also left many questioning his moves leading up to the National Hockey League's trade deadline.

There's no question that the Penguins got a little worse last week when they traded forward Jake Guentzel to the Carolina Hurricanes, and many have been critical of the return that the Penguins received in that deal. Among Dubas' many critics over the last week, perhaps none has been harsher than former NHL star P.K. Subban, who over the weekend shared his unfiltered thoughts on the Penguins GM.

To say that Subban is not impressed with Dubas would be a gigantic understatement.

"Apparently that's all it takes, you put on a pair of spectacles and it makes you the smartest person in the room," said a very sarcastic Subban in reference to Dubas.

Subban's issues with Dubas' tenure thus far seem to stem from the fact that he has not built a winning team around Sidney Crosby.

"It's so disheartening to see sidney Crosby like that," said Subban. "He deserves better."

Although the Penguins players have failed to deliver on the ice this season, Subban placed the blame for the team's lack of success squarely at the feet of management.

"I don't think there's enough accountability on management when it comes to these situations," said Subban. "To look at a player like Sidney Crosby... he deserves an opportunity to play in the playoffs and it's on management to put the best team around him. I don't think they did that this year."

Subban's feelings will no doubt be echoed by many fans in Pittsburgh, a less than ideal start to Year 1 for Kyle Dubas in Pittsburgh.