P.K. Subban in tears as he explains why he's so committed to helping sick kids.

An incredibly real and emotional moment from the star defenseman.

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Nashville Predators defernseman P.K. Subban and HBO have teamed up for an up close and look at Subban's transition from the Montreal Canadiens to his new team, the aforementioned Predators.

On Wednesday RDS, the network that will be broadcasting the documentary in French for the Quebec market, released a sneak peak at the kind of scenes that would be featured in the collaboration. 

In the scene Subban attempts to explain why he has been so strongly motivated to help sick kids throughout his hockey career, and when he tells the story of a very special young boy, he can't hold back his emotions.

It's a stunningly real look at an NHL hockey player who lets everyone in on one of the most personal details of his life, even as tears stream down his face and the cameras keep rolling. 

Here's the sneak peak.