P.K. Subban receiving negative comments shook the whole league.

Dance away, Subban.

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This week, Mike Milbury went too far when he told on a broadcast that P.K. Subban's pregame routine was clownesque. 

Of course, that kind of comment doesn't go unnoticed. Tonight, a Predators fan replied in kind in her own way. 

Her sign might be very humble but the message is loud and clear. NHL fans LOVE a good show. Players showing emotions, throwing punches, dancing on the ice are just good for the whole league. However, those Milbury type of guys are purists and they think hockey is the Holy Grail that should never be disrespected. Of course, traditions and protocols are important, but above all sports are profitable because of the fans. 

Keep on dancing P.K., show them how you do it!