P.K. Subban shares photographs of his leg injury last night.

Subban gives us a behind the scenes look at his injury.


The advent of social media has given us unprecedented access to the professional athletes that we all watch play our favorite sports. We get to see aspects of their lives that we could have never dreamed up even just a few short years ago and although that isn't always a positive it certainly can be.

On Monday morning we got yet another example of this trend when veteran National Hockey League defenseman P.K. Subban took to social media to give us a behind the scenes look at what he went through recently. Subban recently suffered a pretty nice gash to his leg during a matchup against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Sunday, an injury that occurred during the closing minutes of that game's first period.

Here is the sequence that caused the cut:

First and foremost full credit to Subban for picking himself up off the ice after suffering the gash and immediately getting back into the play. Sure the injury did not prove to be serious, but when you consider that he is on a team with no hope of making the playoffs this season, that was a pretty gutsy decision from Subban at this stage of the season.

Now we may have never known that Subban was even cut were it not for him giving us a behind the scenes look at the treatment he received after coming off the ice. Subban shared a total of 4 different pictures to showcase both the injury as well as the repairs he received to correct that injury while he was back in the locker room following the cut. Subban shared both a wide shot of his cut, a close up of his cut, as well as a shot of it after it had been all stitched up by the Devils' medical staff.

Here are the pictures:

That's probably going to leave him with a decent scar, one that fans have already been quick to suggest will look good on him. Normally I would wish Subban a speedy recovery here, but as he says himself he never even missed a shift.

Of course, this doesn't hold a candle to the horrible images shared by former first round pick Nikita Scherbak last week after he suffered a nasty gash of his own, this one much more serious and unfortunately to his face.