P.K. Subban shows he has not forgotten the children in Montreal.

What a guy.


If you've ever had to stop and ask yourself why P.K. Subban remains one of the most popular hockey players in the city of Montreal, wonder no longer. 

It has been many years now since Subban last took to the ice with the Montreal Canadiens colors on his jersey, the star defenseman has since been traded twice, first to the Nashville Predators and then again to the New Jersey Devils just this past summer, but his deep connection with the city and its fans is absolutely undeniable. Subban is arguably still to this day among the most recognizable players in the entire National Hockey League when it comes to the city of Montreal and, although he no longer plays for their team, it would not be an exaggeration to suggest that the hockey fans in that city still love P.K. Subban. 

Subban's love for the city and his dedication to making it a better place instantly made him the most beloved player on the entire roster during his time there, even more so than then captain Max Pacioretty and even arguably more so than superstar goaltender Carey Price, and the fans have loved him right back ever since. Subban of course made national headlines when he made the largest single donation any professional athlete in North America had ever given to the Montreal Children's Hospital, a cause near and dear to his heart. No one would have blamed Subban if he had struggled to maintain his commitment on that donation following his trade to Nashville but in spite of the tremendous logistical challenges, not to mention financial burden, it placed on him as a result of the trade Subban has never wavered in his commitment to the sick kids of the Children's Hospital. 

On Saturday Subban once again displayed his commitment to the city but giving a special shout out to his friend Sandrine who he recently visited at that very same hospital, a young girl who's story the P.K. Subban Foundation has helped to share. The foundation has created the"Brave" initiative in the hopes of raising awareness for sick kids and is just one more sign of Subban's continued to support for the Children's Hospital in Montreal in spite of the hand he was dealt by the Habs several seasons ago. 


Unsurprisingly the love from the citizens of Montreal for Subban has been pouring in, and rightfully so, and we would like to share a few examples with you in the hopes of brightening up your Saturday just a little bit. 

Even the fans in Nashville were showing their love for Subban today.

Keep up the great work P.K.