P.K. Subban to get traded again!?

​Where to now?!

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We’ve heard it more than once this season, defenseman P.K. Subban could benefit from yet another move and start with a new team… In a recent mailbag segment, Corey Masisak was asked about the possibility of the New Jersey Devils moving Subban in the offseason, because you have to admit, the veteran blue liner isn’t the player he once was - despite the fact that he refuses to admit it… 

More than once during the suspended season, Subban was criticized for his play. Back in December, New York Post and columnist Brett Cyrgalis criticized Subban for his self-marketing and the many things he does besides play hockey. And there is the question of his hefty contract being a huge obstacle to potentially interested clubs. 

Subban has two more years after that left on the $72 million eight-year deal he signed with the Montreal Canadiens back in 2014, and has already been traded twice during the tenure of the contract.

However, Masiask doubts the Devils will be able to move him even if they ate some salary. His play has declined over the past two seasons and combined with his cap hit and the Devils won’t find many takers unless they agree to pick up half of his AAV, and even then, they’ll probably have to add a sweetener.

Not sure New Jersey wants to go that route… The Devils might be hopeful that Subban will bounce back seeing how much he’s worked on during the summer, seeing that the Devils didn’t even make it into the 24-team playoff tournament. 

If ever Subban returns healthy and improved, he could get noticed and allow the Devils to have better means to move him.