P.K. Subban unloads on Penguins GM Kyle Dubas on Saturday.

P.K. Subban unloads on Penguins GM Kyle Dubas on Saturday.

The former NHL defenseman had some brutal criticism for Kyle Dubas on Saturday afternoon.

Jonathan Larivee

I think it's safe to say that P.K. Subban isn't a huge fan of Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Kyle Dubas.

Last week I reported on comments Subban made about Dubas while on the set of ESPN's National Hockey League broadcast, alongside NHL legend Mark Messier, and Subban is showing no signs of slowing down.

On Saturday, Subban more than doubled down on his criticism of Dubas when discussing the fact that the Penguins are very much in need of a win against the New York Rangers today.

"They surely could use Jake Guentzel right now," said Subban when speaking of the Penguins. "Kyle Dubas is like the Penguin from Happy Feet, that duck couldn't sing and Kyle Dubas can't manage."

Dubas has come under fire for the return the Penguins extracted from the Carolina Hurricanes in the trade for the aforementioned Jake Guentzel, but Subban's complaints seem more focused on the competitive aspects of the game. Subban has indicated in the past that he feels Penguins captain Sidney Crosby deserves better and that has obviously had an impact on his opinion of the Penguins GM.

There's no question that the Penguins aren't the same team offensively without Guentzel, a fact that Subban points out in detail in the short clip in which he roasts Kyle Dubas: