P.K. Subban was only ready to accept an offer from 2 teams!

They never came…

Published 1 year ago
P.K. Subban was only ready to accept an offer from 2 teams!
Twitter / Devils

On Tuesday, former star defenseman P.K. Subban announced his retirement from the NHL.

“I remember my dreams of playing in the NHL and winning a Stanley Cup, similar to the guys on the Don Cherry Rock’em Sock’em tapes at the end of every volume, with the black eyes, broken bones, and tears of joy. To this day, I still dream about it,” Subban wrote in a post on Twitter and Instagram. “However, the end of this chapter is closing and after 13 years in the NHL, I have made the decision to retire.”

Subban was still unsigned after becoming a free agent on July 13 and was said to be hoping to play another season in the league. However, he never got the offer he was looking for.

According to Patrick Lortie who got the information from two NHL employees, Subban would have signed a contract with only two teams : a return with the Montreal Canadiens or a shot at the Stanley Cup with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

But the offer never came.

“That were the only 2 options in his mind. When both doors closed, he was done.”

Subban was coming off an eight-year, $72 million deal with an average annual value of $9 million. He might have been able to land a league minimum deal, however, it didn’t come from Montreal and Toronto.