Panarin with sick snipe in OT

Video inside

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Artemi Panarin fired such an accurate shot that he was the only player on the ice that knew the puck went into the net. He was off celebrating in the corner and the other players were still playing.

The Hawks showed great puck movement at the Penguins blueline. Brent Seabrook dropped the puck to Patrick Kane who then dropped it to Panarin who took the puck with speed, went around the Pens D on the right side and picked the top right corner over Marc-Andre Fleury's left shoulder. The puck came out of the net just as fast as it went in so no one except Panarin really reacted. They didn't seem sure and then Seabrook fired the puck back into the net to make sure.

Panarin is continuing to impress everyone. He continues to put up points, he now has 36 points in 41 games. Stan Bowman continues to bring in new talents when he has to.

Here is the goal, courtesy of