Panthers forward Hawryluk lays into Hainsey while in the box, Hainsey couldn’t care less

Priceless reaction from the Leafs veteran. Love this!

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In case you missed it, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers played an old school barn-burner of a game last night with the Leafs prevailing 7-5. Leafs superstar John Tavares managed four goals on the evening and now sits second on the NHL in goal scoring with 45, just three shy of Alex Ovechkin’s league leading 48.

Earlier in the game though, Tavares took a brutal elbow to the head from Panther forward Jace Hawryluk, an elbow that went unpenalized.

Check it out:

Thankfully, Tavares appeared no worse for wear but still teammate Ron Hainsey took it upon himself to set Hawryluk straight. Check out this clip of Hainsey coming to Tavares’ aid:

This exchange between the two led to coincidental roughing minors and gave us perhaps the best penalty box sequence of the entire season. Check out Hawryluk absolutely LOSE IT in the penalty box while Hainsey essentially shows no reaction at all:

Priceless. I can only imagine what’s going through Hainsey’s head at that moment. For what it’s worth it looks like Hawryluk is saying, “I didn’t touch him! I didn’t touch him!”