Panthers jump head first into analytics with major hirings

Always a smart move to have an algorithm decide your PP strategy.

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According to a report from NHL insider David Pagnotta, the Florida Panthers have made two big hirings to their front office staff and are "taking a big leap into analytics" under new general manager Bill Zito.

Check it out:

The Florida Panthers are taking a big leap into analytics. Told Chris Boucher from Sportlogiq is joining the organization, and the team will be adding another experienced analytics guy, as well.

This is the same Panthers franchise that went "all in" on analytics from about 2014-2017, so much so that the team earned itself the moniker of "the computer boys" from naysayers. You may recall that the Panthers were absolutely awful over that same time frame. It remains to be seen how the Panthers' latest foray into analytics goes, but suffice it to say that I'm not too optimistic. I mean... this is still the Florida Panthers that we're talking about.