Panthers' Stanley Cup parade in danger of being shut down.

Panthers' Stanley Cup parade in danger of being shut down.

The Florida Panthers are hosting their Stanley Cup parade, but it may have all been for nothing.

Jonathan Larivee

The Florida Panthers are in danger of having their big celebration shut down today, and one of their most bitter rivals is at fault.

According to reports from Florida Panthers insider George Richards, dangerous Lightning strikes have put those attending the Stanley Cup parade for the Panthers in harms way. It is somewhat ironic that this is happening when the team's biggest rival is intrastate rival the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Not only is Richards reporting that the parade may be shut down, but he is actively calling for the parade to be halted due to the terrible Lightning strikes happening all around them.

Add to that the fact that the players are hoisting a giant lightning rod above their heads in the form of the Stanley Cup, and you can certainly understand why Richards might be concerned.

Even in videos posted by the Panthers themselves, we can clearly see the lightning strikes that Richards has made mention of in the background.

In this clip you can see fans seeking shelter from the storm:

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.