Parents furious after officials decide outcome of playoff game with a coin toss.

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Parents in Calgary are outraged after officials determined the tournament fate of a group of kids with something as flippant as a coin toss.

Mackenzie Liddell of Yahoo Sports is reporting that over the week-end a minor hockey association ended the game between the Calgary Royals and Calgary Buffalo Wranglers, two minor-league teams, in terrible fashion.

According to Liddell due to time constraints overtime was scrapped entirely and a shootout that consisted of three shooters for each side was not enough to decide a winner. The officials then decided to flip a coin to determine the winner. Of course adding a few extra shooters until someone scored likely would have taken a few minutes at most, but maybe it wasn't an important game for either team?

It turns out it was a quarter-final match up for the two double AA Bantam, and while one team did win the coin toss, it really does feel like both teams were robbed in this situation.

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