Pastrnak takes a big shot at teammate Marchand in Twitter battle gone wrong…

When will these guys learn?

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The Boston Bruins are putting on one hell of a show for NHL fans in the last stretch of the regular season ahead of the playoffs, but the show isn’t only taking place on the ice. 

Some Bruins players have enjoyed teasing one another on social media, as we can all remember the many times pest Brad Marchand and defenseman Torey Krug have mocked one another about their height. 

However, on Tuesday, Marchand targeted another one of his teammates when he made fun of David Pastrnak’s beard on his Twitter account, saying it look like the one Winnipeg Jets forward Patrik Laine sported last spring. The star forward was not going to get humiliated by his annoying teammate so he replied back as the two went back and forth with a few funny tweets. 

But Marchand should have picked a different target… Pastrnak got a little personal and took a final big shot at Marchand and you just know it was about his nose.

Marchand did not reply - yet. 

However, we bet he is planning a sweet revenge as he always manages to come back with a big blow!