Pastrnak takes a dive and Jack Edwards goes absolutely nuclear

Jack Edwards is going to give himself a heart attack one of these days.


Love him or hate him, NESN broadcaster Jack Edwards knows how to whip a crowd into a frenzy.

The unabashed Boston Bruins homer was, of course, calling tonight's game between the Bruins and the New York Islanders when Islanders forward Leo Komarov decided to stick Bruins sniper David Pastrnak with a butt-end right in the gut after the whistle.

It was a dirty play by Komarov no doubt... but let's be honest here. Pasta goes down pretty easily. 

Here's the play in question, complete with Edwards' commentary:

Call me crazy, but I really don't feel like Komarov was trying to "change the entire trajectory of the Bruins' season" right there. Looks to me like he was just doing what he usually does, which is try to get under a star players' skin. Maybe I'm out to lunch here, but Pasta seemed just fine next shift so... no harm done.