Pat Maroon and Jamie Benn drop the gloves on Saturday night!

Pat Maroon and Jamie Benn drop the gloves on Saturday night!

A pair of NHL heavyweights were fired up on Saturday night and dropped the gloves at center ice.

Jonathan Larivee

A pair of National Hockey League heavyweights got fired up during a Saturday night preseason game and made the decision to settle their differences at center ice.

The Minnesota Wild and the Dallas Stars faced off in what is, in the grand scheme of things, a meaningless exhibition contest tonight but someone may have forgot to inform Wild forward Pat Maroon and Stars captain Jamie Benn.

Shortly after the Wild scored a goal courtesy of Wild forward Marco Rossi, the two big men squared off at center ice almost immediately after the puck dropped. The two notorious brawlers had a really good grip on one another but in spite of that they eventually broke free and began to throw bombs for what was a relatively lengthy exchange.

Although the fight started at center ice, both men had made their way over to the boards before it was all said and done, eventually being separated by the officials on the ice.

Here is the goal + the fight.

And here is just the fight isolated from the goal.