Pat Maroon chirps entire Panthers roster as they skate off the ice

Pat Maroon is an international treasure. Game 3 should be fun...


If you're an old school hockey fan, you have to absolutely love Tampa Bay Lightning forward Patrick Maroon. Not only is the man they call 'Big Rig' old school in every sense, he's one of the few players left in the NHL with any real personality. He'll chirp you all night long and back it up with physical play in the corners and in front of the net. Oh... and if you need him to drop the glove, he'll happily oblige. He's a total package, really.

But, what really makes stand Maroon apart from his NHL brethren though, again, is his personality. Check him out last night following the Lightning's Game 2 victory over the Florida Panthers, standing near the Panther's exit door and letting their entire team know what he thinks of them.

Check it out:

 They say the classics never go out of style and Maroon proves it right here. Are there more modern, cutting ways of calling someone out? Sure, but nothing hits quite like being called a chicken. It's so childish and it's so damn perfect coming out of Maroon's mouth. Game 3 should be a beauty!