Patrice Bergeron forces Rangers’ Andersson to fight in rare scrap!

We all love a feisty Bergeron!

Patrice Bergeron forces Rangers’ Andersson to fight in rare scrap!

Boston Bruins star forward Patrice Bergeron can rack up the points, however, do not count him out when it comes to a feisty scrap. 

On Wednesday night, the Bruins beat the New York Rangers 6-3 as Boston keeps feeling strong ahead of the postseason and extended their lead for second place in the Atlantic division, however, a specific player on the Blue Shirts’ roster was beaten up by Bergeron. 

Yes, you read right. 

Late in the second period, Lias Andersson went after the veteran Bruin and landed a high hit that Bergeron did not appreciate. He was so mad about it that Bergeron pushed the Rangers’ young forward to the ice, wrestled and punched him a few times as he forced his attacker to fight. 

Both were sent to the penalty box, however, Andersson ended up with an extra roughing minor so Bergeron allowed the Bruins to go on the power-play. 

We rarely see Bergeron get into scraps, but we can understand why the veteran did not like the hit. Bergeron has a well-known worrisome history with head traumas and concussions, and probably wanted to let the 20-year-old know that it was dangerous. 

According to Hockey Fights, Bergeron has been in just four bouts during his NHL career. The last time he fought was back in 2016 when he dropped the mitts with Winnipeg Jets’ Blake Wheeler. 

The Bruins will sure appreciate to have a feisty Bergeron as the playoffs are just around the corner! 

However, let’s also make sure it’s a healthy Bergeron, right?