Patrick Kane calls out Red Wings teammates

Detroit has dropped six straight games.



It's been a completely stunning reversal of fortunes for the Detroit Red Wings of late, who have seen all of the momentum from their six-game winning streak evaporate thanks to having now dropped six in a row. And Detroit hasn't just lost lately; they've been embarrassed. 

Detroit's recent slide has been marred by an eyebrow-raising lack of attention to detail and lack of intensity that allowed lesser teams like the Buffalo Sabres and Arizona Coyotes to run them out of their respective venues. 

Veteran forward Patrick Kane, who has vast championship experience as a 3-time Stanley Cup winner with the Chicago Blackhawks, knows all about what it takes to win. And he's not been seeing it from the rest of his teammates over this recent fruitless stretch. 

“Just the details of our game, effort level, compete,” Kane said when asked what he and the Red Wings are lacking of late. “I think when you outwork, when out out-compete your opponent, you increase your chance of winning that game. It just hasn’t been there for us.”

It's one thing to lose, but it's a completely different thing to get outworked and humiliated, especially by a pair of teams that are well outside of the playoff picture. 

Detroit did put forward a better effort against the Vegas Golden Knights on Saturday night after another brutal start, but once again ultimately fell short. 

“I thought we had a good effort in Vegas,” Kane said. “We just haven’t really had that consistently.”

Even more frustrating for the Red Wings of late is how poorly they've routinely looked to start games, while their opponents are essentially skating circles around them. 

“I don’t know,” Kane said about Detroit's slow starts. “You can make a bunch of different excuses I guess. But it just wasn’t there. Obviously when you have that type of start, you’re down 4-1 in the first, you’re trying to get something going." 

One thing is for certain - the Red Wings have a prime opportunity to show what they're made of and to quiet their doubters tonight when they bring in the Arizona Coyotes to Little Caesars Arena; they also need to make tonight about getting revenge on the Coyotes, who have no chance at the postseason, for embarrassing them at Mullett Arena last week.

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