Patrick Kane confirms when he'll return to Red Wings' lineup
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Patrick Kane confirms when he'll return to Red Wings' lineup




This just in, Detroit Red Wings forward Patrick Kane has confirmed that he will return to his team's lineup following this weekend's NHL All-Star break. 

Check it out:

Kane suffered an unspecified injury earlier this month in a game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. He has been seen practicing on his own in recent days and even joined his team for a regular practice earlier this week. As he says above, the extra break from the NHL All-Star game should enable him to get back to full health and return to his team's lineup.

The 35 year old Kane has seven goals and 16 points in his first 19 games with the Red Wings after signing a one year, $2.75 million deal in late November.

Read below for our earlier report on Kane from when he suffered his injury back on January 14th in a Sunday afternoon game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Detroit Red Wings have lost one of their top forwards.

Very early on in Sunday night's game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, Red Wings star forward Patrick Kane was injured was he was on the receiving end of a pair of hits courtesy of Maple Leafs forward Pontus Holmberg. The first hit came along the boards and while it didn't look like the most physical hit you're ever going to see, Kane did go into the boards at an awkward angle and was clearly in some discomfort following the hit.

The second hit wasn't much of a hit at all and instead was more a case of both players getting their skates tangled up, but it did result in Kane getting dumped into the boards behind the Red Wings' net.

Kane would make his way back to the Red Wings bench but would quickly head down the tunnel with a trainer accompanying him to the Red Wings locker room.

The Red Wings have now confirmed that Kane is indeed injured, a lower body injury according to the official announcement, and furthermore they have confirmed that Kane will not return to tonight's game.

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