Patrick Kane keeps Chicago alive and joins a very elite company of 3.

Kane joins a very short list of all-time greats.

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Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane is a pretty good hockey player, and he's one of those rare players that seems to thrive in moments intense pressure.

On Thursday Night Kane kept his Blackhawks alive by scoring off an incredible individual effort in double over time and in doing so he joined the very short list of National Hockey League players who have had 5 or more overtime game winners in their NHL careers. It's an incredible achievement, and it's made even more spectacular when you see the company of three Kane will join, making it a company of four now. Those names are Joe SakicMaurice Richard and Glenn Anderson

If there's any doubt that Kane belongs among those names in Stanley Cup playoffs lore, the video below will cure you of those doubts, in it you will see not only the game winning goal, in double OT, but you will also witness the incredible individual effort Kane made to fire off his first shot, and then you'll watch him add to that effort by chasing down the puck and burying it in the net.

An absolutely awesome play by Kane.