Patrick Kane seems to have dream destination in mind if he asks ouf of Chicago

You rarely hear a star player talking this passionately about a rival team:


No one is saying that Patrick Kane wants out of Chicago. Yet. It’s been said in latest rumours that almost everyone on the Blackhawks’ roster is available for trade, except for captain Jonathan Toews, Seth Jones and Kane. Unless they want out.
Kane would love to add a fourth championship to his previous three he won with the Hawks, however, it might have to happen with another team.

While for now even Scott Powers of The Athletic doubts that Kane will be traded (unless he demands to be moved), it could happen if the Blackhawks failed to be top contender in the coming years.

As Kane spoke with reporter Ben Pope of the Chicago Sun Times, he started to praise the Colorado Avalanche, whom the Blackhawks faced on Monday night, shut out in a 2-0 loss.

This is what Kane had to say:

“[It] looks like a fun way to play, huh? Maybe back in the day, you took that for granted a little bit.”

“I watch them quite a bit, and they’re a fun team to watch… Their D are pinching down the wall, and all 4 lines skate really well.”

Fans know how much Kane loves it in Chicago and how amazing their run from 2010 to 2015 was exciting.

But it’s now in the past and Kane knows he is not getting any younger. Maybe he would love to have fun again on the ice and the Avalanche made it seem like it could be nice in Colorado.

That’s a dream destination if you don’t think about the complicated trade it would take, the salary caps and the rest!