Patrick Kane tells hilarious story about his teammates’ reaction to his Cup winning goal in 2010

The guy just won you the Stanley Cup! And this is what you’re worried about!?!

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We’ve all dreamt about it. Overtime with the Stanley Cup on the line. You get the puck on your stick, pick your spot and BURY it. Game over. You win the Stanley Cup and you’re a hero. That’s exactly how things played out for Patrick Kane in 2010… well kinda.

You may recall that it was indeed Kane who sealed the Blackhawks’s first Stanley Cup championship in 49 years with his overtime winner in Game 6 against the Philadelphia Flyers. But, with nearly 20,000 people in the building that night, it was only Kane who knew he had scored. 

Remember this weird goal? 

The reaction from Kane’s teammates, the Flyers and the broadcasters tell the whole story. Nobody, but Kane, knew the puck was in the net. Of course once we all saw the reply though, there was no denying it. Kane sealed the deal and brought Lord Stanley back to the Windy City.

So, you’d think his teammates would be pretty appreciative, right? Well… not EVERYONE says Kane. Check out this story the superstar shared about linemate Patrick Sharp’s reaction to the winning goal:

“Hey, I was open in the slot…”