Patrick Laine's shot is (almost) better than Ovechkin's!

Look how Laine compares to Alexander the Gr8!

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Yesterday the Winnipeg Jets hosted their own All-Stars Skills Competition splitting the team (and the crowd) in two. Dustin Byfuglien's team easily won this challenge but what stood out the most was Patrick Laine's talent and how he could compare with the greats of this league.

First off, Laine took part in the Hardest Shot challenge and finished second, 0.1mph behind Dustin Byfuglien. How hard you ask? 101.2mph. That's 0.2  under Alex Ovechkin's personal record (101.4mph) which is pretty amazing in itself.

There's more. Laine also took part in the Accuracy Shooting competition, which he won... easily. He knocked down the four targets in 8.4 seconds which would have made him the best of the 2016 All Stars Competition with a 4-second lead over John Tavares, last year winner.

Not impressed yet? Watch this!