Patrick Marleau reveals his own experiences with Mike Babcock

Marleau played for Babcock, and is reacting to the latest controversy with the veteran coach.



Columbus Blue Jackets head coach Mike Babcock is once again in the headlines for a negative reasons, as he's drawn more controversy for reportedly asking to view photos on players phones. Both Babcock and team captain Boone Jenner have pushed back on the initial story that came from former NHL player and current podcaster/TNT analyst Paul Bissonnette, while the NHLPA is currently investigating. 

But while there have been a handful of former NHL players who have not spoken kindly about Babcock's coaching methods, one particular former player is speaking out with a more positive spin on this reported practice from the veteran coach.

Patrick Marleau explained that he also was asked by Babcock to share photos that he had on his phone, but that he viewed it as a positive team-building exercise. 

“It’s just a way for everybody to get to know each other and their families and where they come from and their backgrounds,” Marleau told Bay Area News Group this week. “I think it just brings the team closer together.”

Marleau then said that he gave some of his photos to someone in the organization, and then explained the story behind the photos in a presentation to the team 

“So I think, what I’m assuming, not knowing more than what everybody else does, that that’s exactly what (Babcock) was doing there again,” Marleau said. “It was a great way to get to know your teammates." 

Not only did Marleau play for Babcock with the Leafs, but also internationally with Team Canada during the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympic Games. 

“I had to have somebody going to bat for me to make those Olympic teams, and I’m pretty sure he was one of the guys that was doing that for me, and our relationship in Toronto was good as well,” Marleau said of Babcock. “I had a role there with the younger guys and was still able to perform on the ice, so it was good.”

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