Patrick Roy disgusted after loss to the Ottawa Senators.

Patrick Roy disgusted after loss to the Ottawa Senators.

The head coach of the New York Islanders was fired up after losing to the Ottawa Senators on Saturday.

Jonathan Larivee

The New York Islanders have turned their fortunes around under the leadership of National Hockey League legend Patrick Roy. Roy has coached this team back into the hunt for the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs by demanding the very best from each and every one of his players, something he feels they did not deliver on Saturday.

Following a tough 4-3 overtime loss to the Ottawa Senators on Saturday, Roy spoke to the media and expressed how disgusted he was at the way his team had performed on the day.

"We just gave that game away," said Roy while shaking his head. "That's all we did."

Roy didn't single any of his players out by name, but he also didn't make any effort to hide who he was particularly unhappy with. For example, when Roy complained about his team's performance on the third goal of the game it was clear that the offender was Islanders defenseman Noah Dobson, given that Dobson had been the man to toss the puck over the glass.

"We didn't do a good job in the neutral zone and put that puck deep on the first goal," said Roy before adding "bad pinch on that second goal, throw a puck in the stands on the third goal, and then on the fourth goal losing our edge in an odd man rush."

Roy's disappointment stemmed not from the fact that his players had played hard and lost, but from the fact that the fierce competitor in Roy knows his team did not leave it all out on the ice with the playoffs on the line at this time of the season.

"I mean come on we are better than this," said Roy. "And we have to be better than this."