Patrick Roy drops legendary one-liner in post-game interview.

Patrick Roy drops legendary one-liner in post-game interview.

NHL legend Patrick Roy spoke his mind on Saturday night... maybe a little too much.

Jonathan Larivee

Patrick Roy has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind and he put that on full display on Saturday evening.

Roy and his New York Islanders suffered a loss at the hands of the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday and following the game Roy was asked about some of the choices he made throughout the course of the game. At the very top of the list came a question about Roy's decision to pull goaltender Ilya Sorokin with over 7 minutes left on the clock with his team in a deep hole against the Lightning.

Roy's decision to pull the goaltender so early may have been creative, but his answer was even more so.

"Sometimes you need to make decisions and I made that decision...That's a coach's decision," said Roy. "Sometimes you have to... sorry for the expression... but you have to put your balls on the table and do it..."

Hilariously enough, Roy is no stranger to making this type of comment. In fact Roy made an almost identical statement a decade ago when he was the head coach of the National Hockey League's Colorado Avalanche.

Never change Patrick.