Patrick Roy on being blackballed by the NHL and a potential return.

Patrick Roy on being blackballed by the NHL and a potential return.

The legendary NHL goaltender opened up this week about his future as a head coach in the league.

Jonathan Larivee

It has been a long time since we have seen legendary NHL goaltender Patrick Roy at the NHL level, with Roy last serving in the NHL as a head coach for the Colorado Avalanche all the way back in August of 2016.

It is somewhat surprising that we haven't seen Roy back in the NHL since that time given his success as both a player, with his name engraved on the Stanley Cup multiple times, and as a head coach, with Roy having captured the Jack Adams as the NHL's best coach in 2014. In a recent interview however, the often emotional Roy reflected on his past with the Avalanche and hinted at the fact that his departure from that team has led to him being blackballed around the league.

"It's hard for me to get a job because of the way I left Colorado," admitted Roy as per

Roy famously quit his jobs as both the head coach and vice president of hockey operations for the Avalanche after a disagreement with Joe Sakic, who served as executive vice president and general manager of the Avalanche at that time. Roy's emotional and competitive nature have been major contributing factors in the great successes during his hockey career but Roy admits he has also learned from the mistakes he had made as a result of those same personality traits.

"I know I made some bad choices," admitted Roy. "I know the way I left, everything I did, could have an effect on today's perspective on myself. I have to live with that. I know that I've learned from my mistakes. The past is the past but sometimes, you have to live with your past. I understand the situation."

The inability for Roy to secure another job at the NHL level may seem a little unfair when you consider the tremendous success he has had outside of the NHL since his departure. Just recently Roy led his Quebec Remparts to the Memorial Cup where they were crowned the 2023 Memorial Cup champions and it would seem that his level of success as well as his history in the league would set him up as a ideal candidate for an NHL coaching job.

Despite that Roy lays the blame at his own feet, and appears determined not to take things for granted if he does ever get another shot at coaching in the NHL.

"I might have taken things for granted when I started with Colorado," said Roy reflecting on the past. "You think the door will always be open but you realize that's not how it works. When you have the chance, you'd better work hard. There are a lot of good coaches and good hockey people around and everybody is replaceable. It should be seen as a privilege when you have the opportunity."

Patrick Roy admits he would love to return to coaching in the NHL, and no doubt there are many fans who would welcome him back with open arms.