Patrick Roy rips one of his top stars, gets called out in a major way.

It takes balls to take about Patrick Roy that way.

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After a big loss, one that was likely a death blow to the playoff hopes of t he Colorado Avalanche, hot tempered head coach Patrick Roy went off on one of his star players.

In comments reported in the Denver Post the legendary NHL goaltender called out forward Matt Duchene for celebrating his 30th goal of season while the team was down by four goals, three after the goal.

"The reaction of Dutchy after he scores — it's a 4-0 (game). Big cheer. Are you kidding me," Roy said as per the Denver Post. "What is that? It's not the 'reflect' that we want from our guys. Not at all."

The always hyper-competitive Roy wasn't just critical of Duchene either, he called out the entire core of his locker room for not having a winning attitude.

"Our core hasn't proved that they have the leadership to bring this team to another level," Roy said. "Eventually, we have to admit, (right)? We need more from these guys. These guys need to prove to us that they're capable of carrying this team."

Now however it's Patrick Roy who is the receiving end of criticism from mebers of the media, and not only are they laying the blame at the head coach's feet, some are even calling for his job.

"Patrick Roy says they have a losing mindset? It's the coach that instils the mindset into the team, so take a good look in the mirror Patrick because your team's not very good... you're responsbile," said Craig Button of TSN.

Meanwhile Today's Slap Shot has flat out called for Roy to be terminated.

He’s a bad coach, who is completely out of touch with what his team needs. The Avalanche have been run into the ground, and it’s because of the choices Roy makes.

It’s time to fire Patrick Roy. He may make it back to the NHL at some point, but right now, he has a lot to learn before he can lead a team to the playoffs, let alone to a Stanley Cup.