Paul Bissonnette calls out “pathetic” Mitch Marner.

Paul Bissonnette calls out “pathetic” Mitch Marner.

It has been a rough day for Mitch Marner, with criticism pouring in from across the National Hockey League.

Jonathan Larivee

It's a rough day to be Toronto Maple Leafs star forward Mitch Marner.

It seems that just about everyone has come out of the woodwork to criticize Marner after a poor performance in Game 4 of the opening round Stanley Cup playoff series between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins. To make matters worse, the criticisms have taken on different forms with seemingly every aspect of Marner's performance being picked apart.

Former NHL goaltender Kelly Hrudey went nuclear on Marner after the second period, tearing into the Maple Leafs forward over what Hrudey appeared to perceive as a child-like tantrum from Marner.

The latest on this front comes from yet another former NHL player, this time in the form of Paul "Biznasty" Bissonnette. Bissonnette, a passionate Maple Leafs fan, was on the panel for the TNT broadcast and he also made no effort to spare Marner's feelings. Bissonnette would go so far as to label Marner's performance "pathetic," very strong words indeed.

"There's a guy on the other side making 11 sheets," said Bissonnette of Marner. "I don't know if he's injured but guys this is just pathetic, he hasn't won a battle all series long."

Bissonnette also called out Marner's reaction to the physical play you will encounter in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

"He's not bending his knees, no real true battle in front, yeah he takes a little bit of a whack, looks at the referee, so disengaged," said a disgusted Bissonnette.

If you thought it was over, it only got worse from there.

"He is just not playing any type of good hockey," said Bissonette. "He's losing every puck battle."

Surely that was the end of it right? No actually, Bissonnette saved his most fiery comments for the very end of the segment.

"Where's Mitch Marner?" asked Bissonette. "This is pathetic, he doesn't deserve the ice he's getting right now. They need to sit him and set an example."