Paul Bissonnette comes to Brad Marchand’s defense and he’s not the only one

Paul Bissonnette comes to Brad Marchand’s defense and he’s not the only one

Fans are struggling to deal with this:



The Toronto Maple Leafs may be the only ones dealing with repercussions from Boston Bruins’ Brad Marchand’s hit on defenseman Timothy Liljegren in last night’s game.

That’s because some reporters and pundits don’t believe Marchand should face any supplemental discipline for his actions, while the Maple Leafs’ blue liner is likely to miss significant time with an injury.

On Thursday, Liljegren left the game after Marchand hit him into the boards with what’s known as a “can opener” in the final minute of the first period and wasn’t penalized for the incident.

Fans quickly started to criticize Marchand and demand a suspension for the notorious pest, however, TNT host and podcaster Paul Bissonnette does not believe Marchand should be banned and came to the Bruins captain’s defense.

“Liljegren initiates contact and they both go into stick battle mode. Marchand outmuscles him the result is the position behind his skate. Not dirty. Boys are just battling.”

Bissonnette hasn’t been the only one. Matt Larkin of the Daily Face-Off also believes that, despite Marchand being is the most suspended NHL player – ever, this is an “unfortunate incident was the result of Liljegren losing a puck battle. Not dirty.”

Liljegren is in the Leafs’ top four on the back end, and he started the game agaisnt Boston playing alongside Mark Giordano on the team’s second pairing. He had collected one assist while averaging 19:23 of ice time over nine games entering Thursday.

To add insult to injury, the Bruins won the contest 3-2 in a shootout.

The comments from folks like Bissonnette and Larkin coming to Marchand’s defense is just the cherry on top…

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