Paul Bissonnette lets the expletives fly on live TV!

BizNasty's response to Keith Yandle's chirp will cost him!

Michael W.

Outspoken former NHL player and current TNT analyst Paul Bissonnette is gonna find himself a little lighter in the wallet after he dropped another expletive on live television! 

In what was nothing short of a hilarious exchange between himself and fellow former NHL player Keith Yandle ahead of tonight's Round 2 Stanley Cup Playoff matchup featuring the New York Rangers and Carolina Hurricanes, Bissonnette admitted that he was more nervous than he ever was during his playing career.

Yandle then responded with a gem that would make the League's best trash talkers jealous - "You wouldn't be playing in the playoffs, anyway!" 

With a laugh, Bissonnette tossed his pen at Yandle and exclaimed, "A***ole!" 

This isn't the first time that the former 4th line forward has drawn controversy on live television, as he did the same during a live broadcast during last year's postseason as well. 

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Source: Twitter