Paul Bissonnette recklessly suggests hurting Jake Oettinger

Yeah, not BizNasty's finest moment.



Former NHL player turned analyst Paul Bissonnette drew the ire of hockey fans everywhere for his over the top cheering of the Toronto Maple Leafs earlier this week, with many calling for him to be removed from the air for language that also included profanity and a vulgar phrase. 

And now, he's right back at it again with a truly stunning suggestion for the Minnesota Wild, who find themselves trailing in their Round 1 Stanley Cup Playoffs series against the Dallas Stars. As you may know, the Wild have been stymied by goaltender Jake Oettinger, who is quickly developing a reputation for being a clutch performer in the playoffs. So, what does Bissonnette think the Wild should do? 

In his words, "take a run" at him. 

Even if his comments were mostly in jest, it really is never a classy thing to suggest, even half seriously, of injuring an opponent in order to gain the upper hand. 

Source: Twitter