Paul Bissonnette shocks with grim Maple Leafs prediction

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You know that you're in trouble when analyst and noted Maple Leafs fan Paul Bissonnette has steam coming out of his ears when angrily describing your play on the ice! 

The Maple Leafs embarrassed themselves with a subpar effort on home ice last night against the division rival Ottawa Senators, dropping a 6-3 decision and tying a humiliating franchise record of having allowed at least 4+ goals in their last seven home games, a feat that hasn't been accomplished since the 1976-77 NHL season.

And for Paul Bissonnette, it was almost too much. In fact, he believes that if these disturbing trends continue for the Leafs, they will be in real danger of missing out on the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

"It's just ugly!" he said of Toronto's performance. 

"It's just lost coverage, no sticks in lanes, no commitment to blocking shots, not protecting the most dangerous area of the ice, which we call the house, not taking away time and space, awful gaps, not protecting the defensive blueline...the list goes on and on and on.

"It's disgusting, and if they keep playing like this, they're probably going to miss the playoffs."

However, Bissonnette stopped short of blaming the team goaltending, instead choosing to focus on the poor defensive structure.

"It's a defensive zone, defensive structure, and a team commitment to playing defense issue," he said. "And if it's not addressed, like I said, it's going to get uglier, and uglier and uglier."

Take a listen to his comments in the full segment below: 

Can the Leafs get back on track when they bring in the struggling Calgary Flames to Scotiabank Arena tomorrow? Or will they officially set the new poor franchise mark of allowing 4+ goals in consecutive home games? 

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