Paul 'Biznasty' Bissonnette nearly mauls Oilers fan to death.

Paul 'Biznasty' Bissonnette nearly mauls Oilers fan to death.

The beloved former National Hockey League forward got a little too excited during the course of Game 4.

Jonathan Larivee

I just hope these two poor innocent fans of the Edmonton Oilers are going to make a full and speedy recovery after being attacked by this vicious beast.

On Saturday night, beloved former National Hockey League forward Paul 'Biznsasty' Bissonnette was in attendance for Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final and cameras were rolling when he got excited, a little too excited one might say, while in the crowd along with the very excited Oilers fans at Rogers Place in Edmonton.

Bissonnette was standing next to former Edmonton Oiler Ryan Whitney when the cameras panned over to both of them, showing them on the jumbotron to all the fans in the arena. Bissonnette immediately reacted by ripping his shirt off and spinning it over his head in celebration, the Oilers were up 5-1 at the time, but he wasn't done there.

Bissonnette would then move over to a pair of fans that were just standing next to their seats and began to maul them both in his exuberant celebration. One fan in particular appeared to get the worst of it, but by the end of the mauling it seemed like he was loving every second of it along with Bissonnette.

Here is a close up of the moment of the mauling:

The fan who was on the receiving end of the mauling can even be seen saying that his glasses have been knocked off, but he's still smiling the whole time!

Dave Portnoy has even wondered if he has to worry about the fan potentially pursuing legal action after the mauling he received from Bissonnette.

A moment that no one who witnessed it is likely to ever forget.