Paul Maurice gets dark, reveals just how much he hates to lose.

Paul Maurice gets dark, reveals just how much he hates to lose.

Florida Panthers head coach Paul Maurice makes some brutally honest comments about his hatred of losing.

Jonathan Larivee

I've got to be honest I am a big fan of personalities like that of Florida Panthers head coach Paul Maurice. In a world of cookie cut answers Maurice is often unafraid to get down in the mud and get honest about difficult topics, even ones that are deeply personal to the man himself.

That has held true as Maurice and his Panthers have made their way through the Stanley Cup playoffs to the Eastern Conference Final, with Maurice giving several great quotes along the way. This week however Maurice gave perhaps his best quote of the playoffs thus far when he got very honest about just how painful it can be to lose in the world of professional sports.

In a brutally honest response about "losing the last game" Maurice detailed how at times after losing you can genuinely feel like you've lost the will to live for a time.

"If you lose the last game you don't care if the plane goes down," admitted Maurice. "It's just ahh. I know it's extreme but I've had that moment of 'who cares.'"

Maurice is right that it is an extreme reaction to have to what is at the end of the day just a game, but it becomes much more than that for the players, coaches and staff that have dedicated their entire lives to that one goal of winning a Stanley Cup championship.

Maurice is certainly not the only coach to have ever felt that way, and I doubt he will be the last.