Paul Maurice makes a mistake so bad he turns bright red and ends the interview.

Maurice makes an epic flub.

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This has to be one of the more amusing moments of the season.

On Saturday Winnipeg Jets head coach Paul Maurice was holding his usual media scrum after a morning skate from his players ahead of a Sunday night match up against the defending Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals, but there was something very unusual about this particular encounter with the media.

It is no secret that hockey personalities are not the most bombastic in the sports world and throughout the majority of the scrum things were operating under the status quo, you could even called the entire thing a little stale. Maurice was fielding the questions you would expect him to field and dishing out the kind of answers that you would expect a head coach to dish out at the National Hockey League level but for whatever reason a question at the end of the scrum left him a little flustered. 

It was Stephen Whyno, a hockey writer for the Associated Press, who tossed Maurice a question about young star forward Patrik Laine and it was at that moment that Maurice's words betrayed him. Maurice started his response by saying "if you want to play in the A hole..." and then seemingly realized what he had just said. He commented on his own flub and tried to compose himself but quickly began to turn a shade of red that clearly indicated he had been thrown way off his game at this point. The usually calm and collected Paul Maurice, at least in front of cameras, was completely at a loss and could not get his composure back. 

Maurice abruptly called an end to the scrum leaving all the members of the media howling with laughter.