Paul Maurice provides an update on Pierre Luc Dubois.

Doesn't sound great.


It sounds like the Winnipeg Jets will be without their newest centerman for the foreseeable future, but it's still unclear for just how long that will be. 

On Friday the Winnipeg Jets had a bit of a scare when Pierre Luc Dubois unexpectedly made an early exit from practice. Although there was concern for Dubois, an update from head coach Paul Maurice had indicated at the time that he was likely to play on Saturday against the Ottawa Senators but that would not come to pass. 

On Sunday morning Paul Maurice again provided the update on Dubois but this time he went into much greater detail. Not only did Maurice admit that Dubois could be out for several more days, or possibly even longer, he also provided some additional details on the bizarre nature of Dubois' injury. 

"I’ll tell you exactly what happened," began the Jets head coach on Sunday afternoon. "The game ended, he went in to get some minor treatment, not on an injury, the normal feel-good. Left the rink feeling good. Came back out the next day, got on the ice and something wasn’t right. So we were just hoping it was going to loosen up. We call it a mechanism injury. There wasn’t necessarily an event that bothered him that he came to the bench sore. It’s just something that wasn’t right. When he got out on the ice we looked at it, we got a little bit of a problem, we’re not sure exactly how long it’s going to be. It might be a couple days, it might be a few more days than that. And that’s the god’s honest truth."

The fact that the Jets have gone from Dubois being 'probable' on Friday to being uncertain about when he might even be back from this injury indicates to me that they discovered something significant after Dubois left the ice following that practice. That is of course purely speculation on my part at this time, but the fact that Maurice was so uncertain about what is going on with his player to me does not read as a good sign. 

No doubt we'll be getting more updates from the Jets over the next few days.