Paul Maurice roasts NHL officials over penalty calls.

Paul Maurice roasts NHL officials over penalty calls.

The head coach of the Florida Panthers let the NHL know he's not very happy with their officiating in a hilarious manner.

Jonathan Larivee

The Florida Panthers get a lot of penalties.

In fact the Panthers are the National Hockey League's second most penalized team this season with 371 penalties called against them this season, second only to the Anaheim Ducks who have seen a whopping 406 penalties called against their team.

As you might expect this doesn't always sit well with the team's coaching staff as having to play at a disadvantage at 4 on 5 so often is going to make it more difficult to win games throughout the regular season and the playoffs. Of course some of the blame belongs to the players themselves for the way they play the game, but coaches can often get frustrated with the officials on the ice as well.

Florida Panthers head coach Paul Maurice is no stranger to being at odds with the NHL's officials and over the weekend he took a not so subtle jab at that particular group. Maurice, who was very much trying to avoid a fine, made a hilarious joke during a media availability in regards to the number of penalties his team has taken as of late.

"We’re working on our kill for the last two games," said Maurice in jest. "We petitioned the league for a little more penalty kill time, they’ve been good about it."

This is a pretty obvious attempt at taking a shot at the officials while avoiding discipline from the league, a fairly witty way for Maurice to express his displeasure. This way at the end of the day every one can have a laugh about it, and hopefully no one gets their feelings hurt.