Paulina Gretzky poses fully nude on Instagram

Advice to Wayne: Might wanna stay off social media today.

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Gentlemen... the queen of social media is back!

Paulina Gretzky, daughter of The Great One Wayne Gretzky and wife of world #1 and Masters Tournament champion Dustin Johnson, has somehow managed to make bigger headlines than anyone else in her family and... well it's because she's posting naughty photos on Instagram again.

Paulina has made a bit of a name for herself over the past few years thanks to some truly jaw dropping shots like these:

Look... I'm a big Wayne Gretzky fan and I love D.J. too... but I'm not going through their Instagram page the same way I'm going through Paulina's.

Well.. gentlemen... today Paulina posted maybe her best shot yet. A tasteful fully nude shot.

Check it out: