Pavel Datsyuk is back in the Red Wings' organization!
Detroit Red Wings  

Pavel Datsyuk is back in the Red Wings' organization!

Welcome back to the Hall of Famer!

Trevor Connors

Detroit Red Wings icon and Hockey Hall of Famer Pavel Datsyuk is back with the Red Wings!

Datsyuk was seen on the ice this morning, helping lead some Red Wings prospects through drills at the team's development camp earlier this morning.

Check it out:

I'm gonna need to see a clip of him handling the puck. If the Magic Man still has those Magic Hands, the Red Wings should consider bringing him back on a veteran minimum salary...

I kid, of course, but if the Red Wings can get Datsyuk to commit to some sort of skills consulting or coaching role, they could see incredible growth amongst their prospect pool. Datsyuk is arguably the best stickhandler in NHL history and has a wealth of knowledge and insight to impart on the next generation. Hopefully this short guest stint at development camp leads to a more regular role with the team. Stay tuned.

Source: Detroit Red Wings