Pavel Datsyuk opens up on a possible return in the NHL!

Could the magician be back in the NHL?

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News found echoes all across the ocean from Russia regarding former Detroit Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk.

Pavel Datsyuk shocked many people with his comments on the Red Wings on Tuesday. In an interview with Igor Eronko, Dastyuk commented on the Wings past season.”It’s kinda good the Red Wings did not make the playoffs. You play not just to be there, but to win the Cup, and that’s another story,” said Datsyuk. “Every year there were talks about making or not. And it’s great responsibility to make.”

However, Datsyuk hinted at a potential return in the NHL. As per Datsyuk, if he decides to comeback in the NHL, it’ll be with the Red Wings but he’s not looking for that right now.

There’s no question I won’t look into any potential NHL deals but only with Detroit. But now I’m in SKA and I’m Happy,” Datsyuk said.

Even if he clearly stated that he wants to stay in the KHL for now, he still hinted at the possibility of returning as a Red Wings. 

Would the Red Wings take him back? That is another question that needs to be confirmed.